Google Adds Web Creation Tool, Chatback and Invisible Mode

For the past few weeks we haven’t posted anything about Google and you know that the search giant is not going to just sit around and do nothing.

At first Google announced that they are adding "chatback" "To use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account … but your visitors don't have to! They don't even need to have an email address, or to have ever used instant messaging. When they visit your site, they'll see a badge like the one on the right showing your online status (available, busy, offline) and, if you're available, they can just click and start chatting. "

From: Search Engine Land blog

"The second feature is "invisible" mode for your Gmail and Google Talk status. Google says this feature comes in handy when your away status is just not good enough. This way people don't even see you to instant message you."

And the final application announced by search engine N1 is the new web creation tool called Google Sites. For details on how the new
service works, take a look at the video below

So if you want to create a personal page, edit your pictures with a free photo editing program and create a mobile version of your page, all you have to do is use Google Sites, Picnik and MoFuse and save your money for other more expensive projects. The only investment needed is reading Library Blog Buzz regularly. LOL

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2 Responses to Google Adds Web Creation Tool, Chatback and Invisible Mode

  1. anonymous says:

    Stefano writes:

    There is not only Mofuse !!I use ( ) to create and manage my mobile site.It's free, simple and quickbest

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Movylo looks promising. Thank you

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