Internet Explorer 8 Is Out

Five days ago Microsoft released the latest version of their browser – Internet Explorer 8.

From Computer World review:

"IE8 now includes a Developer Tools feature, which includes tools for HTML, CSS, scripting and debugging. Microsoft claims that the browser includes better scripting performance, and support for HTML5. And in the final version, although not this one, Microsoft claims that IE8 will have full CSS 2.1 support."

Here are briefly the new features:

* Activities – right clicking will give you the option to translate, map or look up your information, or even email it , or share it on Facebook

* Web Slices – subscribe to partial feeds ( changes of content on certain parts of websites) and get updates directly on the Favorites Bar. ( Note that websites have too enable web slices as a service, before you subscribe )

* Automatic Crash Recovery – as any other modern browser ( Opera, Firefox) IE now offers users to restore sessions

* New Safety Filter – which is not only a phishing filter, but also protects from malware.

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3 Responses to Internet Explorer 8 Is Out

  1. Devilbesideyou says:

    Web Slicing is drawing my attention but IE 7 was great dissapointment, so im not really expecting IE 8 to rise from ashes.

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    IE 8 is not stable and I would not advise you to download it, unless you are curious to test it for a short period of time. Give it a few months to stabilize and than you can use it.

  3. Devilbesideyou says:

    Is that based on review or test? Did you try it?

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