Japan Plans To Outlaw Online Pirates

According to a post at TechCrunch the four major Internet providers in Japan are planning to outlaw all the online pirates ( file sharers).

"..the agreement would see copyright holders tracking down file-sharers on the Internet using “special detection software” and then notifying ISPs of alleged infringers. File sharers will initially receive a warning for a first offense, then be disconnected for subsequent offenses, eventually be disconnected from the internet permanently"

France, has a similar proposal, in Australia and UK this is only being discussed at the moment.

File sharing ( look up Bit Torrent) is very popular around the world and especially among younger generations and allows users to practically download free copies of computer software, games and songs off any peer to peer network without paying a cent for it. It is obvious for me that this file sharing deals might end up soon, but then who knows what is going to replace them.

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