80 Billion Pages Are Stored At NARA

NARA ( National Archives and Records Administration), the independent agency that to oversees management of federal government records including presidential libraries and historic collections, is a topic that we have never looked at on our blog. .

I found an interesting article " NARA's Federal Records Centers Offer Agencies Storage, Easy Use for 80 Billion Pages of Documents" by Tara E. C. McLoughlin that gives a nice overview of the NARA's organizational structure and a brief description on how the federal records centers work..

" Through its nationwide network of 17 facilities with more than 1,100 federal employees, the centers serve 400 federal agencies. FRCs store and service every kind of federal record—tax returns, claims files for military veterans, blueprints of federal buildings and structures, cancelled checks for Social Security payments and tax refunds, bankruptcy court records, inmate files on federal prisoners, and maps of national parks to name just a few."

For the visual learners I have also prepared an introductory video from NARA's website.

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