Adobe Starts Free Photoshop, Media Player And Online TV

The major players in the Internet industry are now in competition to offer more and more free websites and services to their clients, so they can increase the number of hits and popularity of applications. Adobe is not an exception and within the past two months the company launched a free photo editing program ( Photoshop Express), a media player ( Adobe Media Player 1.0) and online videos for customers ( Adobe TV).

Photoshop Express will allow you to crop, resize, rotate and edit your pictures for the web, but it wouldn’t offer the extensive filters or advanced features available only with the commercial Photoshop.

Adobe Media Player 1.0 ,"is a cross-platform desktop application specifically designed to play back streamed or downloaded FLV or MPEG-4 video content when users are online or offline. It offers a wealth of features for discovering, organizing, and subscribing to video content — even automatically downloading subscribed episodes so they can be viewed anytime."

Adobe TV has "expert instruction and original series programming” about Adobe products and offers four channels for Designers, Web Developers, Photographers and Video Professionals. For more info on Adobe Media Player 1.0 and Adobe TV read the post at Tech Crunch.

Via: Tech Crunch

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2 Responses to Adobe Starts Free Photoshop, Media Player And Online TV

  1. AmmarMidani says:

    Adobe TV is a great source..long live Adobe.

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    I am also fan of AdobeThanks

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