Doctors Will Receive Drug Alerts Via Email With HCNN

The Health Care Notification Network ("HCNN") is a new network for doctors that promises to deliver drug safety alerts online to U.S. physicians.

This an important change that we have to cover, because HCNN replaces the old system of delivering alerts on paper-based U.S. mail, which caused weeks of delay to deliver urgent drug alerts to doctors.

"The majority of U.S. liability carriers are asking their insured physicians
to enroll today in the HCNN because delivering product recalls and warnings
immediately online has the potential to directly improve patient safety and
reduce malpractice claims — and, ultimately, decrease malpractice insurance
premiums," said iHealth Alliance Board Member, David Troxel, MD, medical
director for The Doctors Company, the country's largest physician-owned
liability carrier."

For those of you, interested in the topic, more details are available at Reuters.

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