Google Starts On The Invisible Web, Adds Street View, Traffic Predictions And Quotations

I don’t want to write only about innovations at Google every other day (and sometimes, they do happen almost daily), and that is why you haven’t been reading anything about the search giant lately. However, there were some major changes in the past few weeks that we need to mention.

First, Google decided to start searching the invisible web, which up to now was impossible to be searched by search engines, because of content hidden behind "search forms". Pandia Search Engine News blog found out that "Google is letting their spiders do test searches when finding forms".

After that search engine N1 announced that they have added Street View – the "interactive 360-degree street-level" in Google Maps. Originally, Street View started at 5 cities and now allows customers to see real images for the maps displayed for more than 44 regions in the US.

To top Street View, Google also enabled traffic predictions on Google Maps, "based on historical traffic information.", explained the Search Engine Land blog.

Search Engine Land also found out that Google users don’t have to have AdWords to use Google's Website Optimizer. "Now, you can use Website Optimizer to not just A/B test your AdWords landing pages, but also test your Yahoo landing pages, your banner landing pages, and different elements throughout your web site to improve conversions and desired actions from your users.", advises the blog.

The last feature added to Google News was quotations to search results, so now you can search for your favorite presidential candidate and get a quote.

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