Quo Vadis Google?

Since we started with Google yesterday, let's continue. Last night I read an interesting article in Forbes entitled " Where Does Google Go Next?", which asks the question: If working at Google is great, than why so many employees are leaving.

There is no easy answer on that. The founders of Google had a head start ahead of everyone else, and their brilliant idea of how to search the Web, made them industry leaders and gave them a phenomenal success. They also realized that original ideas in the world of web programming and search engines is what is going to drive their success and that is why they installed that "creative" culture at Google headquarters, allowing employees to work 20% of the time on projects of their choice.

The main reason why employees are leaving now, I think is because they understand better how powerful "innovative ideas" and want to try to repeat the success of the founders of Google, outside of the company doors. Remember, that 10 years ago there weren’t so many hungry venture capitalists, CEO's and lawyers ready to quickly turn your dream into gold.

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, but will just bring to your attention a paragraph that I think best represents what is happening now at Google’s headquarters:

"…They've introduced a new model for software. Think of it this way. If they are a household brand on products like Google Maps and Gmail, that may be more than just search." In other words, getting customers to use Google all the time would make it ubiquitous on the web, as Windows is on PCs. "It may be that they're in a whole other world from everyone else," says Jaffe. "They could be such pioneers that no one will know for years."

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