Express Libraries Build At Airports, Study Shows Customers Will Buy There

39% of customers are willing to buy books at the airport, 26 % at the supermarket and
16 % at the drug store, revealed " The Reading and Book Buying Habits of Americans" a study, sponsored by Random House.

The report, found via Stephen's Lighthouse blog "asks 8,218 adults 47 questions about their reading and book buying habits".

Another article from " Library Link of the Day" blog confirms that libraries are already considering the option to build small express libraries at airports, supermarkets, and malls.

Just as banks and pharmacies have opened branches in supermarkets, the Milwaukee Public Library is studying the idea of creating three "express libraries" that would give residents access to library materials and services at convenient places and times, Library Director Paula Kiely said.

The express libraries would be staffed with one staff member, stocked with the latest bestsellers and books, CDs and DVDs that customers have put a request for over the phone and Internet. To see what other plans library officials have at Milwaukee Public Library, read the full article from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Who wouldn’t love the idea to pick up their requests and a hot bestseller, right at the airport, before they take off for vacation on an extended summer loan ?

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