Check Common Craft Videos on Podcasting, Blogs, Wikis And RSS

Who says that every successful Internet startup needs to raise a lot of cash to pay its employees to make a mark? Not so.

Take for example Common Craft, a "two person, husband and wife company" that creates simple to understand videos on complicating problems and ideas. Take a look at their videos on podcasting, blogs, wikis, and RSS and if you have seen anything better, please contact me, so I can post it on Library Blog Buzz.

We work from our home in Seattle, Washington. We have chosen to build a business that doesn't make size the priority. If anything, our priority is building a successful business that enables us to be happy, excited and independent. We believe small is beautiful.

I intend to use Common Craft videos to illustrate blogs, wikis, RSS and social networking concepts for the Emerging Technologies class that I started at Queens Library, and I recommend that you use their video materials too.

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