Newser Delivers Top Stories From The New York Times

Every reference librarian knows how important it is to keep up with current news and read ( or at least browse) the New York Times once a day to find out the major developments throughout the world. Very often customers ask questions related to current events, so having an advanced knowledge is always an advantage.

One new application that wants to help you " know more" and "search less" is Newser, a service from New York Times that provides users with short summaries from the most popular stories of the day.

We search for the best stories all over the web, read them, and deliver succinct, sharply written summaries in a grid format that features photos, video and audio, and links to the original source.

For advanced readers Newser offers RSS feeds for popular sections and a widget with slideshow of current news, that customers can install on their websites and blogs.

Via: E-Content

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