Using Firefox On Public Computers?

We all know that Internet Explorer is not the safest and most reliable browser, so why not offer Firefox as an alternative to our library customers?

That is what Brian Herzog from Chelmsford Public Library is suggesting in his Swiss Army Librarian blog.

Firefox is just cooler. It lets us have more control over how the browser functions, and lets us offer more tools integrated right into the browser. Better for us, better for patrons.

To make that happen libraries need to download some Firefox add-ons like:

Public Fox to block browser changes and downloads, Menu Editor to remove items from the Firefox general menu, Greasemonkey to customize other website's coding on your home page and Add To Search Bar to add items ( library catalog for example) to Firefox's menu.

I am a fan of the Opera browser, I find it more intuitive than Firefox, but offering more choices to customers is definitely going to improve services and make the library more user friendly, so I am 100% for it.

Via: Tame The Web

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