Google Improves Gmail, Related Searches, Displays Code And Uses Voice With Maps

One of the hardest things to do for a blogger is keeping up with all the changes and innovations around Google. We haven’t talk about Google lately, so let me briefly mention what have happened with search engine №1

A month ago Google announced that they have improved "related searches" and now hyperlinked suggestions for additional searches pop up on the top of your search. Get more from Search Engine Land.

Image reprinted from Search Engine Land blog

Later bloggers at Tech Crunch discovered that Google is now displaying in search results code from Google Code Search.

Blackberry owners of the following models (Pearl 8110, 8120, and 8130) in the US got lucky because now they can use their voice to search Google Maps on their cell phones. Google Mobile blog has the details.

Using your voice to search for businesses is super useful in situations when you can't type, when the name of the business is long, or when you're not sure how to spell it.

And the last improvement that Google did was for Gmail users by rolling out an account activity information, which helps user with security by pointing out to recent activity history with (partial) IP addresses and also gives you the option to sign out your account if it is used some where else. Go to Google Blogoscoped for more information.

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