Is Finding Your Retirement Income With An Online Estimator Worthy?

This week the Social Security Administration revealed that they have a new Retirement Estimator on their website.

The Retirement Estimator produces estimates that are based on your actual Social Security earnings record. They will vary slightly from the actual benefit you may receive in the future because: your Social Security earnings record is constantly being updated…

Because the estimator works with your real social security record, when you enter the site you are asked to provide your social security number, date of birth and even mother's maiden name.

I always get very very cautious if anywhere on the Internet I have to reveal so much personal information and wonder if the Social Security Administration can make the estimation without asking for so much private info. If anyone gets a hold of your private info, they can steal your identity, open credit cards, buy cars and really ruin your life.

You can pretty much get the same information for free, without using the estimator, if you read the annual statement send every year to you by the Social Security Administration.

Via: Resourceshelf

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