Queens Library Rapidly Installs New ILS

If you wondered why my posts on Library Blog Buzz have been a little scarce in the past few months, now you know the reason: the library where I work (Queens Library)installed a new ILS ( Integrated Library System or otherwise known as electronic catalog) and I have been heavily involved in the training of staff.

"We are thrilled that Queens Library has selected VTLS software as its initial step in creating its new library information platform. Normally an implementation for a library this size takes a year or more and it is remarkable that we were able to complete this project within six months. This is certainly a tribute to the strong partnership we have with the Queens Library staff," said VTLS President and CEO Vinod Chachra.

Virtua, the new ILS is much more flexible, intuitive and forgiving. It is only a matter of time before staff starts enjoying the new system and forgets that they ever used another one.

For me learning new software from scratch and being in charge of the team of librarians who trained staff was real pleasure and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Via: Libraray Technology Guides

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2 Responses to Queens Library Rapidly Installs New ILS

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:

    Stan,The correct form of the link to the press release on Library Technology Guides is:http://www.librarytechnology.org/ltg-displaytext.pl?RC=13422Congratulations on your sucessful implementation of Virtua at Queens Borough Library.-marshall breeding

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Marshall, Thank you for stopping by at Library Blog Buzz. I corrected the link. I enjoy reading Library Technology Guides blog and your Systems Librarian column in Computers in Libraries. Thanks again Stan

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