Natural Language Possible For Medline, Medpedia – The First Wiki Encyclopedia

Anyone who searched Medline, the abstract database for National Library of Medicine with millions of records know how important it is to know medical terminology, if you
want to get precise results.

A new company called Cognition Technologies has the ambition to change that with a product called SemanticMEDLINE, that promises to use natural language to search the complex medical database at Medline. I tried searching for blood disorders and was very impressed how quickly SemanticMEDLINE found article abstracts on leukaemia, sickle cell disease and anaemia. More details are available at NewsBreaks blog.

Another cool medical resources was announced this week: the first medical wikipedia called Medpedia. Only doctors or scientists will be allowed to contribute to Medpedia and so far a lot of prestigious medical schools ( Harvard Medical School, Stanford School of Medicine, UC Berkeley School of Public Health ) have confirmed participation in the project.

Medpedia will serve as a catalog, database, and learning tool about health, medicine and the body for doctors, scientists, policymakers, students and citizens that will improve medical literacy worldwide.

. TechCrunch has a comprehensive review on Medpedia.

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