Queens Library is N1 In Circulation

New York Times announced On Friday that Queens Library circulated more items in 2007/2008 than any other library in the United State – 21 031 816 to be exact .

As a staff member who works in Queens Library I can attest that library managers worked hard to achieve that number and that the system always tries new and innovative strategies to increase circulation.

Queens Library has been N1 in circulation in the past few years, but what I find interesting are the comments under the article that try to “establish" the role of the public library. If you have time, I strongly recommend that you read them. Here is an excerpt from comment #40 , written by Library Lover:

In this world of increasing costs and reduced privacy, the library is the pantheon of our freedoms and is what makes America great. In this time of uncertainties, where else can we access information in a wide range of topics? Take that information home, get this…for free and use it to become educated Americans. Libraries provide collections that are well balanced and present both sides in a spin-free way. Librarians fight for your right for privacy, we want you to read and have access to banned books and that cheesy romance story. We protect your freedom of speech and freedom to read and freedom to make your own choices. Libraries do not care if you are a CEO or a pizza delivery man, it is the socioeconomic leveler and provides service to you no matter what your background. Need help to fill out a job application? See a librarian. Need to find Harry Potter in Hindi? See a librarian. Think about all the services a library provides, yes we do not provide child-care, but we do provide child programming. A parent/child lap sit program or a story time? How about a digital camera workshop or an afternoon playing Wii or Guitar Hero? Libraries are the cultural, educational and recreational hub of a community. What about a Sunday afternoon jazz concert or a series of art lectures or a film festival…again get this…for free!

I always knew that I work in the coolest place on earth – the library, but when customers realize it, it makes me feel even better.

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