Criminal Searches Gives You Criminal Background Check For Free

Have you found yourself in a situation where you want to know if the new babysitter or contractor or anyone who is entering your family and home has a criminal background, but you don’t want where to start?

Criminal Searches, a new website developed by PeopleFinders wants to change that by giving you free
searches on criminal background, sex offenders, and criminal watch.

The site, which is supported by ads, lets people search by name through criminal archives of all 50 states and 3,500 counties in the United States

If you type in a name and select " Criminal History Check" the site will list any recorded offenses related to behavior, business, drug & alcohol, sex, theft/robbery, violent or traffic with a short description.

The "Neighborhood Watch" gives you an idea how many thieves, violent offenders and con artists live near your address and what their exact address is.

If you want to see pictures and addresses of all sex offenders in your area, than click on " Sex Offender Finder"

I am sure that a lot of privacy watchdogs will be upset about "Criminal Searches" but
as a tax payer don’t you have the right to know how many career criminals leave in your area ?

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4 Responses to Criminal Searches Gives You Criminal Background Check For Free

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:I like your post…safety of our love one is one of our priority we should always check criminal background<a/> so that we will know the background of the person that we are dealing with

  2. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:

    I agree with you….being a father i would want to know the criminal background of the person that will babysit my daughter..

  3. anonymous says:

    Mary Jones Parker writes:If you need background check.. I would recommend this site for you.. It performs accurate background check for your satisfaction. Check it out! You won't be disappointed.. 🙂

  4. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Theres is i can share to you so that you can also easy to background unknown person i am glad if it can help to you Background Check through, in just a matter of minutes, you will get efficient and accurate reports from our database with over 26 billion government records.

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