(Lexis Nexis) Adds Legal Forms Through

The business and legal database giant Lexis Nexisis trying to bridge the gap between its expensive services and the public. A month ago they started Library Express, a brand new product designed to help customers of public and state libraries with more than 6,000 business, legal and news sources.

And now their other famous ( and free) product for the masses , ( which contains profiles of thousands lawyers and firms, tips on how to select an attorney, explanation of basic legal topics, links to legal resources and a glossary of 10,000 legal terms, and more…) announced that they have " added access to a legal document service that combines do-it-yourself legal forms with online legal document review by real lawyers" through the website.

More than just a legal forms site, makes it easy to complete many personal and business legal matters at For example, individuals can use the service to set up a last will and testament, create a living will, produce a bill of sale, designate power of attorney, and more. Businesses can use the service to manage processes, such as setting up nondisclosure forms, creating service contracts and employee agreements, producing real estate leases, creating licensing agreements, and more.

If you haven’t used for research and RocketLawyer for legal forms, I recommend that you spend some time with both websites and bookmark them for your reference services at the library.

Via: New's Breaks ( Information Today)

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