Library Thing Offers 1 Million Free Book Covers

Free offers in the library market do not happen every day, so when they do, we need to acknowledge and popularize them immediately.

Library Thing, the social cataloging website announced that it will offer 1 million FREE book covers for use in OPACs ( library catalogs) via their newly created API (Application Programming Interface).

Usually libraries obtain cover images of books with accompanying bibliographic data for catalogs for a fee from a company named Syndetic Solutions or if they want to avoid paying money, they can get it from Amazon's book cover service only if they link back to their page.

Tim Spalding, LibraryThing’s outspoken founder (and a 2008 LJ Mover & Shaker), said of the new service: “I really hope this—or more probably what comes of this—ends the selling of covers to libraries.” Spalding told LJ that he is "no enemy of paid content," but that he sees "a future in which the lowest level—covers, basic bibliographic data—becomes completely free, forcing data companies to sell value-adds."

Libraries are allowed to create no more than 1000 new book covers for their catalogs per day and they don’t have to link back to the Library Thing website when they display them. Get more from Library Journal News.

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