Cuil Is Cool, But Will It Ever Beat Google ?

Today I listened to a couple of interveiws of Anna and Tom Patterson, founders of Cuil, a new search engine that claims it has a superior search engine technology that searches the Internet better than Google.

The technology it uses to index the web can understand the context surrounding each page and the concepts driving search request

I tried searching for "country information" in both Google and Cuil and have to admit that Google results were far more precise and to the point. However, further tests prove to me that Cuil did a good job identifying the context of some pages and finding relevant information, especially when you use the suggested search topics under the main menu.

If Cuil ever wins the battle with powerhouse Google, it will take at least a decade, and another super cool business model, that encourages employees of the new search engine to work on innovation projects of their choice for more than 20 % of their time. To get a tour of the new startup search engine, click here.

Via: BBC News

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3 Responses to Cuil Is Cool, But Will It Ever Beat Google ?

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:

    Cuil is definitely going for it, but it's hard to imagine them doing anything but incremental changes to what Google's done. And even that would take years of has taken a different tack. We have a full web index, but we change the results based on the surfing activity of our user base (now over 2,000,000). It's in alpha, but I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.

  2. LibraryImportant says:

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  3. anonymous says:

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