Google Adds Suggest, Yahoo Drops Boolean

For no apparent reason Yahoo decided to drop Boolean search support and the search operator "NOT".

Now the NOT operator is gone in Yahoo!, and searchers will have to stick to the “search engine math” operator to achieve the same effect. Put a minus-sign directly in front of a term that you want excluded from search result (meaning that Yahoo! will exclude pages that has that term in their text).

Customers will have to use a minus sign now, when they want to exclude "Buckingham Palace" from a search for "Buckingham". Per and Susanne Koch from Pandia Search Engine News blog also noticed that in Yahoo the OR operator works, but nesting with parentheses is missing.

At the same time Google decided to add Google Suggest to its impressive array of online tools.

Today we're excited because Google Suggest will be "graduating" from Labs and available by default on the homepage. Over the next week, we'll be rolling this out so that more and more of you will start seeing a list of query suggestions when you start typing into the search box.

Google Suggest is a handy, saves time and increases the precision of search results. More details about the new feature are available from the " Official Google Blog.

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