New Open Source Social Catalog ( SOPAC) 2.0 Debuts in Darien Public Library

Something new and exciting happened in the small world of public libraries last week and we need to mention it too.

Darien Public Library announced the implementation of SOPAC 2.0, the first social online public access catalog, which features faceted browsing, tag clouds, and integrated users ratings, comments, and reviews.

The software suite is composed of three discrete components: the SOPAC 2.0 interface application and two software libraries …named Locum and Insurge. The interface is a “100% theme-able and template-able” Drupal (an open source content management system) module that governs all aspects of the end users’ experience with catalog records and their patron account.

Locum is the software between the user interface and any other integrated library system (ILS), who is interested in implementing SOPAC. The creator of SOPAC, John Blyberg assures that the social catalog is compatible with all ILS systems " from SirsiDynix Unicorn to Koha."

Insurge (“Independent Social Repository”), is the software that aggregates user data,( comments and reviews) that can be managed locally or remotely.

It is admirable that Darien Library is giving customers a unique experience with their new catalog and the ability to comment, rate and review. Hopefully ILS vendors will take a note and start offering these features in their standard electronic catalog packages for libraries.

Another social catalog that allows users to comments is BilbioCommons, a new social discovery system for libraries that is installed over your current ILS. To learn more, please click here.

Via: Library Journal

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