96% of Those Who Work Use The Internet, Email Or Have A Cell Phone

The following post is proof that technologies need time to become part of the daily life of

According to a national survey from the PEW/Internet, an organization dedicated to explore the "impact of the internet on children, families and communities", 62% of the working Americans today use the Internet or email at work.

Just think for how long the Internet and email had been around and you will see that a decade is needed at minimum for the general public to adopt any technology.

This survey also finds that 96% of those who work use the Internet, email or have a cell phone for some purpose in their lives, even if those things are not specifically tied to work. We call this larger group "Wired and Ready Workers.

At the same time the Wired and Ready Workers revealed that:

49% say these technologies increase the level of stress in their job.
49% say these technologies make it harder for them to disconnect from their work when they are at home and on the weekends.
46% say these tools increase demands that they work more hours.

To find out more details about the survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, please click here.

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