Geolocation In The Seven Things You Should Know Series

Geolocation or geotagging is fairly new concept that we never wrote about at our blog and now the popular Seven Things You Should Know About series wants to bring more light into the subject.

Simply put Geolocation ( or geotagging) associates a digital resource with a physical location. Wondering how it works?

The JPEG photo format includes a placeholder for location data. Digital cameras that have GPS capability can automatically include latitude and longitude coordinates in JPEGs, and mapping and oth¬er tools can access those coordinates in the metadata. From there, representing a location is a simple process of plotting those coor¬dinates on a map.

For users whose cameras do not include GPS, photo-manipulation tools provide the ability to manually add coor¬dinates to photos, either individually or in batches.

Any technology that reveals your position might have some privacy implications but the benefits of connecting concepts visually (for example displaying pictures of library branches by location) outpaces the negatives.

7 Things You Should Know About series provides overviews of new and emerging technogies,so now that you are on the site, take your time to read about the latest technology developments.

Via: The Kept-Up Academic Librarian

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