Everyone Is A Programmer With Iceberg

This is old news but it is important and I never had a chance to publish it on my blog so here it is. (Did anyone say better late, than never..?)

Programming seems to become more and more popular and mainstream and the appearance of Iceberg, an application that allows users to program web applications without any knowledge of programming languages is only a logical development.

With Iceberg, any user can create a web application using its simple, DIY tools. And to make sure everyone has a chance to learn how to do so, Iceberg is made available for free. The free version supports up to 5 users, but once you go beyond that, each additional user is $200/each.

Iceberg is an opportunity, you don’t want to miss if you ever wanted to learn programming and it really looks easy. This is what I found after I looked at their
"Build an App in 3 Minutes" video below.

Via: Read Write Web

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