Google With Transit Info For NYC, Opens Book Search APIs, Starts Indexing Audio, Face Recognition With Picasa And Develops G1

Google started so many things lately that I better start telling you about them rught away.

First I will start with NYC transit directions in Google Maps. ( because I live and work in the Big Apple). The Official Google blog announced that they have added " comprehensive transit info for the entire New York metro region, encompassing subway, commuter rail, bus and ferry services from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New Jersey Transit and the City of New York.". Look for directions in NYC on Google Maps and you will be given subway, train, bus and ferry directions ( if such are available for your trip). Want to try it, click here. ( HopStop provides similar services)

Second " Google has decided to reduce the period it keeps personal information in its datalogs by half, from 18 to 9 months.", explained Pandia Search Engine News. The famous blog written by Per and Susanne Koch in Norway also pointed out that Google's Picasa ( photo editing program) now identifies faces ( face recognition) and customers can label many photos with one click.

And you think Google will stop with face recognition. Think again, because The Official Google blog announces that they have started indexing audio text with GAudi and customers can now find spoken content within a video.

If GAudi is not giving you what the two US Presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama say, than try Google's In Quotes, which allows you to compare quotes between the two.

Want to integrate context ( book previews, ratings ) from Google Book Search on your website, no problem, just use the recently opened Google Book Search APIs and with a little Javascript tweaking you are all set.

And last but not least, curious to see the first Android ( open source operating system for mobile devices, based on Linux developed by Google and other major companies) mobile phone called G1, just click here. The presentation is a little long but navigate from minute 15 to minute 23 and you will see the actual phone. Wait for the end of the presentation and you are in for a surprise. Want to buy G1 ($179), keep in mind that the phone won't be sold at stores outside of 2 to 5 mile radius of T-Mobile'network coverage area

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