Infovell The New Paid Deep Web Search Engine

Infovell, a new paid speciaized search engine claims to search effectively the Deep Web ( a vast amount of data available on the Net in proprietary databases, paid websites, password protected sites estimated to be 500 times larger than the regular Internet). As you know popular search engines like Google are not able to search the Deep Web because data stored in databases usually requires unique query or a password to be retrieved.

The engine scours through open-access repositories of information like PubMed Central and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Claims, but it also allows access to scholarly journals such as those from Oxford University Press, SAGE, Taylor & Francis, Annual Reviews, Mary Ann Liebert Publications, and more. The culmination of these billions of pages currently unindexed by other engines, gives you access to content in the areas of Life Sciences, Medicines, Patents, Industry News, and other reference content from expert sources.

Infovell doesn’t care how many words you type in the search box. Feel free to copy and paste any text or passage and the search engine will look for results. The other benefits include ease of use, breakdown of complicated searches into multiple easy to understand topics and finding relevant materials by clicking "More Like This". Take a look at the introductory video to see how it works.

Aiming at the Deep Web ( or invisible web) is very ambitious and brave but keep in mind that the success of Infovell depends not only on their retrieval technology but also on how many databases, publishers and paid websites will open their content for the search engine.

Via: Read Write Web

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4 Responses to Infovell The New Paid Deep Web Search Engine

  1. anonymous says:

    Matthew Theobald writes:

    You might check out though it is a little early to tell.The Internet Search Environment Number is a deep web interface primary key. More at…

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Matt, The Internet Search Environment Number (ISEN) (standard) is a dream come true for librarians and researchers. Good luck with the initiative and I will keep a close look and post the info on Library Blog BuzzThanks Stan

  3. anonymous says:

    Matthew Theobald writes:

    We need to start with Medicine and Health as well as Life Science informational databases. Organizing insurance and financial data is critical here but most of that is proprietary. ISEN is most concerned with publicly available databases or search environments. The Search Environment is the concert of searches occurring on independent heterogeneous databases across the Internet. We should also take a close look at Genealogy and Genetics data globally. If the word can be spread about ISEN is this community that would be primary.However ISEN is approaching all types of content.Thanks for your blog coverage and let me know what questions or comments you have in depth about the Search Environment._matt

  4. anonymous says:

    Matthew Theobald writes:

    If you want a status report let open a little dialog up.E-mail me at

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