Colleges To Start Selling Downloadable eTextbooks

There is a high demand for textbooks in every public library and college bookstore, so anyone who is willing to lower the cost of buying or renting them is helping a lot.

The National Association of College Stores announced recently that students in selected colleges will be able to buy electronic textbooks at the college bookstore using a special kiosks that will download the files to a CD or a flash drive.

Movies will be the first product offered…The plan is to add digital textbooks to the kiosks starting next summer, says Charles Schmidt, a spokesman for the association.

“As educational content and course materials evolve to include more multimedia, stores will be prepared to provide that content with lower-cost solutions,” said Mark Nelson, vice president for strategy and development at the new spinoff company.

NACS Media Solutions is the name of the company charged with implementing the project. To protect copyright holders, rented materials will self-destruct after a while, due to special coding. More details are available at Resourceshelf blog.

I just found out that the Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog also has a post about the downloadable eTextbooks.

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