Find Law Starts RSS Case Summaries, Cambridge And Harvard Go To iTunes

News Breaks blog (owned by Information Today) posted about two new developments this week: FindLaw website delivering court summaries via RSS and Cambridge University offering educational videos and audios trough iTunes.

FindLaw announced "up-to-the-minute" court opinions and case summaries available through RSS feeds. The summaries are written by attorney-editors at the Sunnyvale, Calif., headquarters of FindLaw, tagged by jurisdiction and law topic, and then fed into an RSS (really simple syndication) feed that automatically sends updates to subscribers.

Adding RSS feed is a must for a busy website. Librarians are familiar with FindLaw, one of the highest trafficking legal websites on the Net and if you havent bookmarked the site yet, better do it now.

Available to users worldwide, Cambridge’s iTunes U channel features a variety of content from faculty members and other experts. Currently, more than 300 audio and video tracks are available, including podcasts from David Starkey’s history of Cambridge, interviews with the university’s Nobel Prize winners, and an exploration of the school’s code-breaking exploits during World War II.

Harvard also has presence on iTunes and this is not surprising. The top universities are simply going where their users are. I hope that libraries will follow, because they can offer sample library classes, story times, and podcasts of distinguished library guests.

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2 Responses to Find Law Starts RSS Case Summaries, Cambridge And Harvard Go To iTunes

  1. anonymous says:

    Barry Cornelius writes:

    The University of Oxford launched its site in iTunes U on the same day as Cambridge. More than 150 hours of free audio and video podcasts from the University are already available, with more to come.As well as making Oxford's podcasts available through iTunes U, they can also be heard/seen by those not having iTunes: you just need a web browser and software to play mp3/mp4 files. Links to the podcasts for both iTunes and non-iTunes users are available from Bodleian Library is featured on the iTunes U site because it includes some of the "BODCasts", recordings from events held at the Bodleian Library, such as exhibition opening, lunchtime lectures, poetry evenings, etc.That material is available to iTunes users at: is also available for non-iTunes users in the Museums, Libraries and Services section of

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Thank you very much for your input. The readers of Library Blog Buzz can now check the University of Oxford iTunes site too. Thanks again. Stan

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