Google Checks Broken Links, Starts Techmeme, Digitization Deal And Participates In SemantiFind

Before Google creates too many innovations that will be hard to track, lets talk about a few new initiatives that the search giant has started recently.

The first one showing of broken backlinks helps webmasters who have to monitor hundreds of links for big sites.

The Google webmaster tools added a feature which lets you see the sources of links which trigger a “file not found” on your site. To try this, click on your site in the dashboard (provided you verified it’s yours) and view Diagnostics -> Web crawl -> Not found. Next to a given unfound URL – say, “” – you can click the “pages” link to the right, which pops up a list of sites referencing that URL*. Often the link is just malformed and the error won’t be on your end.

The second one concerns Google Blog Search,and its page, which now "looks more like Google News or Techmeme: it groups related stories into groups" . Details about the new showing of broken links and techmeme features are available from Google Blogoscoped.

Proquest, one of the biggest databases and Google reached out an agreement to scan millions of pages, so customers can easily find them through services offered by the search giant.

While ProQuest has vowed to continue improving and expanding its Historical Newspapers collection independently, the Google deal aims to create searchable electronic versions of smaller newspapers otherwise unlikely to be digitized, making them available on the open web via Google’s News archive search.

The last tool in which Google only participates is SemantiFind, a search service plugin that tries to improve Goggle's search results.

To get started with SemantiFind, you must first create an account. You can then download the browser plugin which installs the SemantiFind toolbar. This plugin is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Picture Taken From ReadWriteWeb

After the installation for every word that you type, Google suggests relevant multiple topics and related search results. ReadWriteWeb has the details.

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