VideoSurf, A New Video Search Engine Sees Inside The Video

We all know that video search is far away from being perfect that is why any search engine that claims to improve the process will steer quite an interest.

So far search engines have tried to index the tags and text description of videos to provide more accurate picture of what is in the video. VideoSurf is trying something new.

VideoSurf's patent-pending technology can actually "see" inside the video to understand what it's about and who appears in it. This information lets us create a whole new way for you to find, discover and watch the videos you love.

Another interesting feature in VideoSurf is the Visual Summary – frames that appear to the right of search results compiled by algorithms and recognizing the most visually unique moments in the video. Searches in VideoSurf can be limited by content type(full movie, slide show), category( funny, music) and video sources(YouTube, hulu). Curious to learn more, go to SearchEngineLand blog and read the detailed post.

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