Read Michael Stephens Interview To Be Inspired

This weekend we visited the Sony museum in Manhattan ( Sony Wonder)and while I was waiting with my son for our turn ( you always have to wait more for free tickets) in the next door Sony store I started reading Michael Stephens ( from Tame The Web blog)interview called " Digital Focus" (also published in the SLA's b/ITe bulletin.)

At first I intended only to briefly look at it but the more I read, the more interested I became and I recommend that you give it your undivided attention too.

I totally agree with Michael that librarians need to "learn to learn", “adapt to change", so they aren’t thrown every time the world shifts and curriculum in library schools is in dire need of revision.

…the future of libraries will be guided by how users access, consume and create content. Content is a conversation as well and librarians should participate. Users will create their own mash ups, remixes and original expressions and should be able to do so at the library or via the library’s resources...

Will libraries or librarians disappear? No. Michael is confident that “librarians will never be replaced. The job titles, duties and locales may evolve, but the foundational values and ethics of the profession will stay the same." Just read the interview.

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