Searching For Images Using Flickr, CompFigh And FlickrStorm

With so many images on the Internet these days, searching for them can be a challenge.

Pandia Search Engine News has an interesting post on how to search for images using Flickr and two other image search tools.

If you select the “ Creative Commons’ search for images on Flickr you can see all the pictures that photographers from all over the world are willing to give you, provided that you use the license properly. Check the advanced search in Flickr to see other possibilities to limit your search by date, tag or text.

CompFight is an image search using Flickr’s database but applying more advanced search options.

By clicking a button next to the search box, you can choose to search just the photo tags (for more precise results) or all text associated with a photo (if searching just the tags didn’t provide enough results).Below the search box, you can choose to search all Creative Commons licensed photos or only those with a license that allows commercial use of the images.

The last image search tool that can help you in your quest for better pictures is FlickrStorm. The advanced search provides users with the option to hunt for pictures by different license type (“non-commercial” or “share alike"). When you select your image, on the right side you can see the name of the photographer, license information and the option to download the image in your personal tray (folder).

Social bookmarking and tagging increased the searchability and findability of images today because users input a lot more information when they describe their pictures ( licensing, tags, ownership etc) on the Internet and knowing how to search for them is definitely a plus.

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