Research Law With Lexis Web, Check Reviews For Law Software With LitiReviews And Law News With Global Legal Monitor

Doing law research at public libraries is challenging and time consuming task, so we always welcome new website and services that can help librarians with their reference work.

Resourceshelf posted about Robert J. Ambrogi’s column for Law Technology News, which tours a few new legal websites.

" Lexis Web searches a more limited sphere of legal-oriented Web sites" and arranges results in topical clusters to help you narrow your search.

"LitiReviewsprovides free access to reviews of legal and litigation software and technology.", something quite important for librarians in charge of electronic resources and technology in public, academic and corporate libraries.

Keeping up with legal news is now becoming easier with a transformed Library of Congress website called Global Legal Monitor.

The new Global Legal Monitor provides readers with the ability to browse legal developments by more than 100 topics and more than 150 jurisdictions. Current and archived news stories are also fully searchable through an advanced search interface.

I only examined the popular new law websites, reviewed by Robert J. Ambrogi ( he also blogs at LawSites and Media Law)but I am sure that those of you that are interested in law reference will bookmark his blogs and finish the article.

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