ReviewMyWeb Gives You Free Search Engine Optimization Analysis For Your Site

Want to find out how your blog, personal or business website is doing against the competition?

No worries, ReviewMyWeb is designed to do exactly that.( give you free Search Engine Optimization analysis for your page)

Type in the URL (web address) of your site and URLs of the competition webpages, provide an email address and the report is ready in minutes. (Be aware that your report will be available to the public on a list of "Recent Reviews" linked to the ReviewMyWeb page.)

The report rates your website’s competitiveness and provides insight into how it performs across different parameters:
*Traffic rank
*Back links (in Google, Yahoo and Ask)
*Number on indexed pages (in Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask)
*Blog coverage (in Google Blog Search and Technorati)
*Blog competitiveness (in Google Blog Search and Technorati)
*On page criteria (description, keywords, H1, H2 and H3 tags plus keyword density)

In addition the site gives you recommendations on how to improve your search engine page rank (keyword relevancy, increase of your backlinks (inbound links from another site to yours), web page coverage in blogs and site design issues.

Google recently published new search engine optimization starter guide, so if you want to increase the number of hits on your page, start reading.

Via: Pandia Search Engine News

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