Microsoft Goes Social With Groups, Profile And Photos In Life Search, Uses Images To Find Other Images

Very often on Fridays I usually write about Google (it is not easy to keep up with all the innovations there), but for a second week in a row now Microsoft is stealing the projector's spotlight with new development.

The long promised social change of Microsoft is now slowly becoming a reality.

Windows Live
home page now

shows both your email and an activity stream of what your contacts are doing across the Web. It’s more FriendFeed than Facebook, with a little MyYahoo thrown in. You can also customize it to show the local weather, your calendar, and news headlines. A handful of recent your photos are displayed at the top, along with a search box and links to other Live services (Profile, People, Mail, Photos, Events, Spaces, Groups, SkyDrive, and even MSN).”

Microsoft also enhanced the Groups and Profile services. The Profile page records all of your activities on Flickr, Twitter, Yelp and Windows Life. With Groups you can set up collaborative projects, like shared web page or calendar.

Live Photos will organize your pictures in slideshows and, if you decide to use the 25 GB of free storage on SkyDrive, than you really don’t need to buy the discounted Christmas flash drive to store your files and pictures. TechCrunch blog has more.

To top these offers Microsoft’s Live Search blog announced that “With Live Search, you can now use images, rather than additional keyword queries, to refine a search and discover more content. “. To find images using images in Life Search, all you need to do is hover over a picture and pick “Show Similar Images".

If Microsoft keeps the pace of inventiveness, it will be able to steal a few percentage points from Google's domination of the search market.

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