EBSCO Adds Polymer Library, Serials Solutions Starts Online Community

EBSCO is now hosting the Polymer Library, announced the EContent blog.

Polymer Library (formerly Rapra Abstracts) is a database dedicated to plastics, rubber, polymeric composites and adhesives. The Polymer Library includes content from around 500 publishers and contains records dating from 1972 to the present.

Scientists and librarians can use the Polymer Library for research, news and market information.

Serials Solutions, a company dedicated to organize and facilitate online access to library journals started their first online community for customers.

"The Online Community is important for us to meet the diverse needs of our ever-growing, worldwide client base," says Michael Platt, Director of Library Client Services at Serials Solutions. "The library market is very collaborative and librarians around the world are curious how other librarians are fulfilling their needs with Serials Solutions services.

Customers of Serials Solutions can access the new online community by going to "Support Center" and than clicking on "Online Community." They can expect to find forums, discussion boards, private messaging, and RSS feeds as tools for the exchange of information and best practices.

In my opinion, other library vendors and ILS companies should "steal this idea" and open their online communities too, if they want to provide good customer service and improve their products. More details are available from the press release.

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