Answer Conversion Questions With The Online Converter Site

How many watts are in 1 horsepower? 1 horsepower = 735.5104442 watts.

I am sure that you don’t ask yourself that question very often, but librarians frequently have to answers questions like that with the help of conversion sites.

Daniel Scocco from DailyBits blog found an interesting conversion website:

I came across a website that will do pretty much all the conversions you will need in a single place. I will call it the Ultimate Converter Website (the authors were too modest and simply called it “Online Converter”).

Is there another way to find how many kilowatts and watts are in 1 horsepower? You bet. Using Google n you can convert height, weight, mass etc. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box in the following format: 17.5 cm in inches and Google will do the rest. Click here to see another example.

If you are interested in how to quickly get the weather, stock quotes, sports scores and other popular info from Google click here.

The shortcuts to trendy Google searches are not only for info pros and librarians. Now you can impress your friends with your new skills, too.

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