Record Videos For The Web With A Flip Camcorder, Learn Math on YouTube

The Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog has two interesting posts about flip camcorders and the use of YouTube videos for education.

Flip Camcorders are profiled in the latest edition of "7 things you should know about series".

The camcorders are simple, with a lens and microphone on the front and a video screen and a few buttons on the back. These devices are entirely automatic, without the need—or the option—to change manual settings. A spring-loaded USB plug on the device allows it to attach directly to a computer for file transfers. Built-in software enables video transfer for processing, storage, or sharing on sites like YouTube and Facebook

If you haven’t seen a flip camcorder, click here to go to the site of the manufacturer Pure Digital Technologies and explore the different capabilities of the device.

Working with a flip camera is very intuitive (there are only play, delete and record
buttons) and uploading videos to YouTube is straightforward.

Internet videos are becoming more and more popular among library users. Libraries can use flip cameras to record and post training sessions, concerts, story times and other activities.

If you think that YouTube is well-liked only because it is entertaining, think again.

The Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog highlights an article in USA Today, called "Need a tutor? YouTube videos await", which reveals the popularity of YouTube mathematics tutoring video clips from the non profit organization Khan Academy.

YouTube is fact becoming a popular medium, so libraries who want to serve their customers better, definitely need to start recording their own videos.

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