The Top Web Applications For 2008

A lot of blogs are posting now their end-of-the-year summary lists with best technology applications for 2008.

In our modest opinion nobody does it better than ReadWriteWeb. Even if you are not a regular reader of the blog (and you should be) it is not advisable to miss their post called " Top 10 Enterprise Web Products of 2008".

In a series of publications the blog highlighted the :

Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2008
Top 10 International Products of 2008
Top 10 Consumer Web Apps of 2008
Top 10 RSS and Syndication Products of 2008
Top 10 Mobile Web Products of 2008

If you stop by at Library Blog Buzz regularly, you have probably noticed that we have covered some of the applications like Powerset, Meebo, LastFm,Zohoand Yahoo!Pipes.

However applications like Postrank,( rates RSSfeeds on a scale from 1 to 10 depending on popularity) and FriendFeed( get a an RSSfeed made up of the content that your friends share online ) are too interesting to me missed, so take your time when you read it.

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