Google Adds Magazines, Starts To-Do List And Text Messages In Gmail, Takes Chrome Out of Beta, And Opens Friend Connect

It is no surprise to you that we need to talk about Google one more time, before the year ends, due to the fact that search engine N1 is always changing products and offering new services. Most of the recent changes with the top search engine were caught by Google Blogoscoped blog.

Google added old copies of magazines like Ebony, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics to Google Book Search and promised to scan more and even include with general search results.

Another interesting product that Google released is the " Native Client" browser extension to help "website developers to execute rich code faster within the browser… by having it run “natively” on the computer".

A brand new Browser Security Handbook, published by the search giant wants to educate the general public, web masters and programmers about the "security properties of contemporary web browsers”.

Want to lock your albums in Picasa? No Problem, Google added the option under the name “Sign-in required to view,” meaning that only authorized friends can access the pictures.

Gmail went through a couple of changes in the last two weeks too. To-do list is now included in Gmail. " To enable it, log-in to Gmail, click Settings -> Labs, check Enable next to the Tasks feature, and hit the Save button at the bottom."

If you want to extract information from an email that was written by more than one of your colleagues, Gmail has a solution for you: it will convert the email into a document in Google Docs with the new " Create a document" feature. Go to ReadWriteWeb for more details.

Sending a text message from Gmail, should not be a problem anymore. Here is what you need to do according to TechCrunch "To send a message, just type a phone number into the search box at the top of the chat window on the left side of the Gmail interface, and hit ‘Send SMS’."

Searching for "line drawings" and "clip art" in Google Image Search is now possible, in addition to filtering your picture search to "news content", "faces" and "photo content". Click on Phil Bradley's weblog to read more.

After only 100 days Google took its new browser Chrome out of Beta and opened Friend Connect too. If you don’t know anything about Friend Connect, take a look at this video to learn how to set it up on your website or blog.

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