Hello Flight Displays Info On All Flights in The US

I am not flying this holiday season, but I am sure that Hello Flight, a new site, that I found in my bookmarks is going to save you money and frustration.

Flight tracking sites have been around for a while and I am surprised that we didn’t cover them more thoroughly before.

In addition to tracking a flight by airline, flight and tail number, airport Hello Flight also shows all flights in the US air by airport, airline and aircraft type.

The creators of the site also plan to enable

* history of last 5 flights
* track speed, altitude, heading, flight plans for every plane in the air
* fastest plane of the Day/Month – Top 10 / Top 50
* highest flying plane of the Day/Month – Top 10 / Top 50
* aircraft over a neighborhood last month
* receive alerts for flights
* show current delays and delays for the whole day
* average Delays for an airport for the last month
* historical delay trends for each airport and for specific flights
* view airport status
* percentage of flights delayed vs on time

Keep in mind that for some features like flights that came within 3 kilometers a premium subscription is required and for air traffic for the past 12 hours by airport, standard subscription is required. Not all features will be available until January 10 of 2009.

Hello Flight definitely wants to raise the bar on flight tracking sites, so lets see how many of their promised services, they will be able to deliver.

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2 Responses to Hello Flight Displays Info On All Flights in The US

  1. anonymous says:

    Clark Scott writes:

    Thanks for the HelloFlight Blog.We have added many of these features we have promised including "aircraft over a neighborhood last month"This week we will be adding "Proximity Report". This will display all the close calls or planes that fly near each other. Many more coming and for now, no subscription required.Clark ScottCEO HelloMetro Inc.clark@HelloMetro.comwww.HelloFlight.com

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Hello, Mr. Scott It is nice to see that HelloFlight is able to keep up with all promises. Library Blog Buzz will definitely keep an eye on your innovative services. Thanks Stan

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