Audiolizer and SonicSwap Load Your iTunes Library on The Net, For You To Listen Anytime

I want to wish all of our readers and their extended families Happy New Year! Every year more and more readers join Library Blog Buzz and for 2009, I have prepared a lot of surprises for you, and I am sure that you will enjoy most of them.

The first post for the year is not going to be about libraries, although library customers ( especially the younger ones) will love to know about it.

TechCrunch highlighted recently two startups, Audiolizer and SonicSwap that want to bring your library of iTunes songs to the cloud (Internet) and store them for you, so you can listen to music anywhere you have computer access.

Both services will allow you to listen and watch You Tube videos ( if available) of your favorite songs, upload or match your iTunes songs on their servers with the only difference that SonicSwap will also permit you to listen and download the song lists of your friends.

SonicSwap lets you post your music and playlist collections on the net, and gives you and your friends access to play your music legally over the internet.

If you haven’t tried Pandora, Lastfm, Audiolizer or SonicSwap and you are a big music fan, I think you have been missing a lot.

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