Use The Answer Search Engines Omgili, SnappyFingers And QueryCAT To Look Up Info At The Library

Pandia Search Engine News blog always comes up with interesting topics. This time they devoted a post on answer search engines, a new type of search machines that index discussion forums and FAQ's on websites in an effort to bring more relevant results than regular search engines.

Omgili is an answer search engine which indexes discussion forums, showing its users how many posts and authors are writing on a specific topic.

Omgili also has advanced search options. This is what makes Omgili our favorite. Follow the link on the front page (above the search button), and you get lots of options….Use these tools to find e.g. answers where your query appears in the title, in the topic or in the reply. You can exclude terms and search for discussions within a specific time period and search for threads with a minimum number of replies.

SnappyFingers and QueryCAT index millions of frequently asked question webpages (FAQs) to find better answers. The differences between the two answer search engines are that SnappyFingers has a bigger index of FAQs ( 11 million) and presents the results as a list of answers, while QueryCAT has only 5 million FAQs and the search results are shown as hyperlinked questions.

Overall, QueryCAT's has a better way of displaying information, but SnappyFingers has a more thorough index with more results. Take a look at the Pandia Search Engine News post for more details.

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