Serials Develops Summon, LexisNexis With EASI Market Planner, Springer Launches And EBSCO Adds New Database

It is time for our database development summary post. In January Serials Solution developed Summon,a "unified discovery service," that provides a single search box ( a la Google) for all digital sources ( databases and catalog items).

Developers of this hosted service maintain that it is moving far beyond traditional federated searching. The new service will likely be compared to other library portal services, such as Ex Libris’ Primo or Innovative Interfaces, Inc.’s Encore, both launched in 2006, which also aim to provide access to all types of library content.

More from Information Today's News Breaks.

At the same time LexisNexis added the EASI Market Planner to its Statistical DataSets. With EASI Market Planner users can "compile data on household income distribution, car ownership, and internet usage, as well as average annual spending for specific products, and graphically displays data for every state, county, census track, and block group in the US." Go to E-Content for more details.

Springer, a scientific publisher launched, a "free analytical online tool for discerning trends, patterns, and subject experts within scientific research. searches over three million journal articles to deliver a variety of useful analyses including an interactive Google map of the results, keyword tag clouds, and "Top 5" bar charts for various important metrics." E-Content has more.

In the beginning of February EBSCO announced the addition of "Publishing Opportunities Database". The new database " provides a listing of opportunities for professors, post-doctorates, and other students interested in presenting and publishing their research papers." E-Content again has more info.

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2 Responses to Serials Develops Summon, LexisNexis With EASI Market Planner, Springer Launches And EBSCO Adds New Database

  1. anonymous says:

    Larry @ Deep Web Technologies writes:

    There are a number of hybrid solutions coming out, many of which my company ( is producing. Check out (medical deep web search) and (business deep web search) for examples of this technology.A lot of exciting projects will be announced in the very near future!Larry.

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Larry, Thank you for stopping by at Library Bog Buzz. <> and <> sound very promising and I will definitely take a close look. Thanks Stan

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