New York Times Opens API and Starts Article Skimmer

New York times is trying to bring the experience of reading a print newspaper online by creating an application called Article Skimmer. Check ReadWriteWeb blog for more.

The new 'article skimmer' gets back to the basics with a streamlined interface that lets you quickly scan the top headlines in every section of the Times….As Andre Behrens points out in the announcement, the Times is trying to recreate the skimming experience of the physical newspaper, where you often discover random articles that you would probably never notice in the online version.

I bet customers who want to save time, would love Article Skimmer.

New York Times is one of the newspapers that is constantly trying new products and web initiatives to attract readers. They have released their own API allowing web developers and users to use the newspaper data and basically turning the newspaper into a platform for new web services. Gigom has the details.

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