Microsoft Predicts Future Technologies, Invests 1.5 Million In A Games For Learning Institute And Start Microsoft Recite

Is Google the only innovative company in town? Definitely no. Microsoft always tried to compete with Google and now the company of Bill gates is releasing a new video which predicts how technologies would look like in 2019.

The video may be confusing at first. Very few of the technologies shown would be recognizable as technologies created by Microsoft. An electronic newspaper (much like The Daily Prophet from the Harry Potter series), bendable, unbreakable, transparent displays, an XWand, real-time language translation, remote collaboration with transparent walls linking classrooms around the world – all amazing stuff. You'll have to watch the video to get the full effect.

Go to ReadWriteWeb for more information.

At end of February Microsoft decided to invest $1.5 million in " The Games for Learning Institute, a joint venture with New York University and other colleges.

The goal of the research is to see whether video games — and not just software specifically designed to be educational — can draw students into math, science and technology-based programs. The institute has begun lining up middle school students to study. groups that monitor gaming…

The Kept-Up Academic Librarian captured the rest.

As part of an initiative to help users find a better jobs, Microsoft has launched a new website called Elevate America. The website provides " free and low cost resources that provide the skills, training and certifications needed for people of all ages who are preparing for job opportunities in today's changing economy." The Daily Bits blog has more.

Earlier Microsoft revealed a new voice recording/search program called Microsoft Recite, which helps users of Windows Mobile devices find short voice clips with their voice. Take a look at the video, to see how it works. ReadWriteWeb will bring more details.

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