Build Your Own Electronic Newspaper With MeeHive

When everybody is worrying that newspapers are dying (check the interesting post "Why Are Newspapers Dying?" from the O"Reilly blog), two companies MeeHive and Kosmix have joined forces to bring you the first daily electronic personalized newspaper

Upon entering MeeHive, new users are invited to enter some of their favorite topics, which range from mainstays like Sports and Technology to more specialized areas, like Stem Cells. Users can also specify certain companies or keywords to monitor. From there, MeeHive builds a digital newspaper, using content from a variety of sources including news sites like CNN as well as a wide selection of blogs (the system uses an authority algorithm to help weed out the best content).

To bring all the news sources together in one place, MeeHive uses the power of the search engine Kosmix .Curious to see how it work, go to the instructional video on MeeHive home page.

I like the idea of being able to create my own newspaper, but MeeHive, needs to market the "newspaper idea" more aggressively, including changing the name of the company from MeeHive to "MyNewspaper" or "MyNews" or something else.

Via: TechCrunch

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