The Internet is Already 20 Years OLd, New Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol Discovered In India

On March 13, 1989 the Internet was born in a project proposal submitted by the computer scientist Tim Berners Lee, who is guilty for the invention of the Internet,HTTP,URL,the first browser and web server. For details, read the short passage below

In 1989, Berners-Lee submitted a proposal at CERN to develop an information system that would create a web of information. Initially, his proposal received no reply, but he began working on his idea anyway. In 1990, he wrote the Hypertext Transfer Protocol
(HTTP)�the language computers would use to communicate hypertext documents over the Internet and designed a scheme to give documents addresses on the Internet. Berners-Lee called this address a Universal Resource Identifier (URI). (This is now usually known as a URL�Uniform Resource Locator.) By the end of the year he had also
written a client program (browser) to retrieve and view hypertext documents. He called this client "WorldWideWeb." Hypertext pages were formatted using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that Berners-Lee had written. He also wrote the first web server. A web server is the software that stores web pages on a computer and makes them available to be accessed by others. Berners-Lee set up the first web server known as "" at CERN.

To see Tim Berners Lee's latest ideas on the Semantic Web and the future of the Internet, make sure to watch this video and take a look at the ReadWriteWeb post.

Interestingly enough, yesterday IBM scientists in India announced that they have created a new Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol (HSTP) that will allow users to talk to the Internet and create 'voice' sites using cell phones.

People will talk to the Web and the Web will respond. The research technology is analogous to the Internet. Unlike personal computers it will work on mobile phones where people can simply create their voice sites," IBM India Research Laboratory Associate Director Manish Gupta told the Economic Times.

To learn more about the new "talking" protocol go to ReadWriteWeb and the article in Economic Times.[/COLOR]

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